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Spirituality is, first of all, simply a dimension of oneself, of one’s consciousness, of one’s life trajectory. An essential dimension of life, but largely absent from our daily life as we live it in a hyper materialistic and technical society.
Each, in its singularity, can develop this dimension. The spiritual traditions, the very diverse practices, old or new, which are widely disseminated today help us to do this. Our goal is to present them to you as clearly as possible, so that you can learn from yourself, experiment, progress… and not to discourage you. As in the face of death, it is both a very personal experience that we live, and a common condition whose shared knowledge can help us.

To find one’s path is also to find the activity, the profession, the environment, which corresponds in depth to our self (to the construction of self). To explore with his unconscious the various possibilities, it is possible here

We constantly enrich the pages concerning spiritual paths on the blog

and we regularly organize workshops that allow everyone to recharge their batteries in order to reach the essential, but also to recognize in their deep being what particularly echoes such or such practices and symbols.
For example, the workshop on “The Toltec Agreements”, during which other paths will also be presented quickly.

One way, Buddhist, among many others… to meditate, because Buddhism, as philosophy, offers us concepts and an experience millennia very rich but often difficult because our culture is so far from this. And an interesting question in this dialogue: is it about personal development or being at the service of life, of the universe…





Une toute autre approche, très occidentale, qui relie la question de sa voie à celle de l’expression de son corps, de sa voix





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